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Best For
Stopping Hair Loss
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The Growth Plan

  • Stops hair loss anywhere on the scalp
  • Stimulates hair regrowth
  • Stops hair from thinning

Finasteride & Minoxidil   
Prescription pill and topical treatment to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

(100% money back guarantee)

Best For
Stopping Hair Loss

Not On My Watch

  • Prevents further hair loss at the crown and hairline
  • Promotes and stimulates some hair regrowth

Finasteride (Propecia)   
Daily prescription pill clinically proven to prevent hair loss.

(100% money back guarantee)

Best For
Regrowing Hair

Back On Track

  • Best for stimulating hair regrowth at the crown and other bald spots.
  • Promotes overall hair growth

Minoxidil (Rogaine)   
Topical formula that promotes hair regrowth for a fuller head of hair.

(100% money back guarantee)

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Essential IX shampoo

100% Natural & Organic shampoo for men.


Essential V Oil

100% Natural & Organic Conditioning hair mask.


*30-day supply

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The Journey.

1-2 months

You’ll likely not notice much hair growth in the first two months. You may however notice some hair shedding- this is part of the process as the old hairs begin to make room for new hairs.

(They won’t be missed anyways).

3-6 months

At this point in your journey, you’ll notice less hair shedding, and start seeing hair growth. Keep track of your progress so you can see the difference from when you started.

(This is the exciting part).

6 months +

After consistent use for 6 months, you’ll experience noticeable improvements in your hair journey. Not only will bald patches start to fill in, but you’ll also notice your hairline making a comeback.

(And who doesn’t love a comeback?)

Hair loss treatment should be easy-and now it is.

Range of proven treatments

Our medications are authorized for sale by Health Canada and readily available online. Whatever your preference, we’ve got you covered.

Natural & Organic options

We provide a range of hair care products for thinning hair, using nature’s finest ingredients to help keep your hair where it belongs.

Cheaper treatment options

Free shipping and lower prices compared to brick and mortar pharmacies. We never charge a consultation fee.

Expert medical consult

We keep things discrete and use licensed healthcare providers who are ready to assist and meet your needs at your comfort.

Hair Loss FAQ

What are the commons causes of hair loss?

Hair loss in men can be hereditary or the result of an underlying medical condition.

The most common cause tends to be hereditary which becomes evident as you age, typically starting in your 20’s. Another name for this type of hair loss is male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. The first sign of male pattern hair loss may be a receding hairline or thinning around the temples or crown of the head.

Other causes of hair loss include iron deficiency, thyroid disease and autoimmune disease. In some instances, it could be a local scalp problem such as seborrhoeic dermatitis, fungal infections or psoriasis.

Here at Rocky, we focus on male pattern baldness and treat this using clinically proven/Health Canada authorized medications consisting of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical products.

What is DHT and how is it contributing to my hair loss?

Testosterone is the hormone that contributes to the formation of male characteristics, like your beard growing and your voice getting deeper. Testosterone gets broken down into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and DHT seems to contribute to hair loss by shrinking hair follicles which makes it harder for hair to regrow.

How do I know what type of hair loss I have?

Male pattern baldness is usually diagnosed by its characteristic features. This includes a slowly receding hairline or thinning at the crown and temples.

Hair loss that is sudden or accompanied by local symptoms, such as itching or appearance of a rash, generally indicates a different cause that requires discussion with a doctor. If you are feeling generally unwell and experiencing hair loss, this may require additional investigations.

What treatments exist for hair loss?

The answer to this depends on the cause of your hair loss. When it comes to male pattern baldness, there are two Health Canada authorized medications, Minoxidil (Rogaine) and Finasteride (Propecia).

Minoxidil is a topical solution applied to the scalp, which improves blood flow to your hair follicles. This stimulates hair regrowth and is best used for new hair loss.

Finasteride is an oral medication that works by blocking the hormone DHT, which is the main cause behind androgenic alopecia. By doing so, it prevents hair loss from happening.

When used alone they are effective. However, using the two medications together provides a synergistic effect, leading to better results.

For men experiencing hair loss due to other conditions, treating the root cause may be necessary and best done with the help of a medical practitioner.

Can hair loss be cured?

The simple answer is no. But there are effective medications, which may stop hair loss and restore new hair. There are also procedures available such as hair transplants which may a suitable option for you.

Can certain hairstyles cause hair loss?

Yes – this type of hair loss if known as “traction alopecia” which results due to constant pulling your hair. It may result from wearing your hair in a bun, dreadlocks/braids or any other type of hairstyle that puts stress on your hair follicles. Avoiding these hairstyles may help prevent or stop this type of hair loss.

Is hair restoration treatment better than hair loss medication?

The honest answer is, it depends. They each have their own advantages and it comes down to what is right for you.

The great thing about hair transplantation is that it is generally a permanent solution. However it requires time off for recovery, can cause permanent scarring and is expensive.

In comparison, hair loss medication is unlikely to cause any long-lasting side effects, is more affordable and not time consuming. However, the effects fade away once treatment is stopped.