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Finasteride & Minoxidil Topical Foam

A 2-in-1 topical foam combining Health Canada Approved ingredients to help prevent hair loss and regrow hair. This clinically proven combination of Minoxidil 5% and Finasteride 0.5% shows results in 3-6 months, without the need of a daily tablet.

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About Finasteride & Minoxidil Topical Foam <

  • Treatment

    In clinical trials, over 90% of users saw enhanced hair regrowth and decreased hair loss.

  • Clinically tested and Health Canada approved

  • Get best results to stop hair loss and regrow hair when combining both Finasteride and Minoxidil.

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How to use <

  • Apply 1 pump of the 2-in-1 foam twice daily directly to areas in the scalp with hair loss and gently massage. Avoid washing/wetting hair for 2 hours after application.

How it works <

  • Finasteride reduces Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which stops hair loss and Minoxidil promotes blood flow to the scalp to regrow lost hair

Why 2-in-1 Finasteride & Minoxidil Foam?

It’s science

Backed by medical experts and authorized by Health Canada for more than two decades, our combination of Finasteride and Minoxidil is a trusted solution for hair loss.

Simple and effective

Finasteride and Minoxidil: A powerful duo against hair loss. Finasteride reduces DHT, while Minoxidil boosts blood flow for hair regrowth.

How 2-in-1 Foam works?

Increases blood flow

Promotes oxygen and nutrients to the scalp by increasing blood flow

Regrows hair

Activates hair out of its resting phase and into the growth phase

Prevents hair loss

By decreasing DHT, hair is maintained on the scalp for longer

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Who is Finasteride & Minoxidil Foam for?

Minoxidil, along with Finasteride, are Health Canada authorized hair loss treatment. These are commonly used in conjunction by men looking to fight hair loss. Together, they combat various causes of hair loss, from male pattern baldness to alopecia, providing thicker, fuller hair; all while preventing further hair loss.

Potential side effects

Both Minoxidil and Finasteride, when used as directed, are typically safe and well-tolerated. Some individuals might experience mild scalp irritation with foam combination- this is generally temporary and reversible. It is crucial to use the foam as directed to minimize the risk of side effects. If you experience any unusual or severe reactions, consult a healthcare professional immediately.


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How to use Finasteride & Minoxidil 2-in-1 Foam

Apply 1 pump of the foam directly to your scalp twice a day to the areas with hair loss. Gently massage the foam into the scalp for better absorption. Let the foam fully absorb into the scalp before the next step of your routine, whether that’s going to sleep, blow drying, or styling your hair. Refrain from washing or wetting hair for the next 2 hours.

Advantages of 2-in-1 Foam

Say goodbye to daily tablets and messy solutions. This 2-in-1 Foam combination makes it easier to adhere to as you don't have to use two separate medications everyday. We have combined the best of both worlds with Finasteride 0.5% and Minoxidil 5% to make your life easier and give you the vest results.

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What is in our 2-in-1 Foam? <

The topical foam combination includes two effective hair loss treatments, Minoxidil and Finasteride, into one convenient formula. These two Health Canada approved ingredients have shown clinical efficacy for two decades. The foam is designed to effectively combat hair loss and promote hair regrowth in men.

When can I expect to see results with the 2-in-1 Foam? <

Results may vary, but many users notice improved hair thickness and regrowth within 3 to 6 months of consistent use. It is essential to follow the recommended application guidelines for optimal results.

What are the side-effects associated with the 2-in-1 Foam? <

Our 2-in-1 Foam is very well tolerated and has minimal side-effects. Some side-effects may include mild scalp irritation, which is generally temporary and reversible. It is crucial to use the foam as directed to minimize the risk of side effects. Very rarely, use can lead to systemic side effects, including chest pain, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, headaches, and unexplained weight gain. Always follow recommended usage guidelines.If you experience any unusual or severe reactions, consult a healthcare professional immediately.

Can I safely use Minoxidil with Finasteride together? <

Yes, they actually work in harmony to promote hair regrowth and prevent further hair loss. Finasteride focuses on preventing the breakdown of testosterone into DHT (prevents hair loss) and Minoxidil stimulates blood flow to the scalp (promotes regrowth).

Where can I apply the 2-in-1 Foam? <

The 2-in-1 foam should be applied directly to the scalp in the areas affected by hair loss. Follow the provided instructions carefully to ensure even and effective application. Avoid contact with eyes and other sensitive areas.

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