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Discreet, Simple, Affordable.

Mission & Approach

Rocky is the first vertically integrated men’s health digital platform in Canada.

Rocky’s main goal is to introduce a brand to men with a unique feel and seamless user experience. Rocky is looking to normalize embarrassing, yet common, issues eliminating the stigma surrounding them.

Rocky is taking a patient-centered approach to build a relationship around trust, privacy, and discretion with men of various ages facing similar hurdles. Together, we will provide a range of solutions that will ensure men are taking care of themselves. This will in-turn instill confidence, and eventually transform our new clientele into brand ambassadors.

The Rocky brand name aims to portray a triumphant and conquering man who is confident in everything he does. By helping provide solutions for common and often untreated issues, we will help rebuild the image of the male persona.

Brand Strategy 

Rocky’s brand strategy revolves around removing the stigma from embarrassing and relatively prevalent issues, which men refuse to address for a number of reasons.

Rocky aims to normalize sensitive topics by providing frictionless solutions with a frictionless process. Our one-stop shop helps the user seek the necessary information, explore the offered solutions, access expert advice and receive home delivery in a timely manner.

At Rocky, we feel that delivering relevant and clinically researched information is crucial to our customers as they make informed decisions about their own care. In avoiding a paternalistic approach, we hope to build a relationship based on trust and communication with our customers.

It’s hard to do a really good job on anything you don’t think about in the shower.

– Paul Graham, YCombinator Co-founder