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We know you’ve probably heard stories of men using ED medications and becoming sexual titans who last for days, but is there any truth to that? Well, evidence shows that it’s not a clear cut yes or no answer.

Viagra and Cialis are prescription medications that were developed to treat erectile dysfunction, and that is exactly what they do- treat erectile dysfunction. So if you aren’t lasting long enough in the bedroom because you’re struggling to get/sustain an erection, then these ED meds will be your holy grail. But if you’re looking at ED meds as lifestyle drugs that’ll always delay your arrival, that might not be the case. They can, however, help you get an erection faster after an orgasm by reducing the refractory period. The refractory period is the time right after ejaculation when the body doesn’t respond to sexual stimulation- making it impoissible to get another erection. So even if your time to climax is typically short lived, ED medications give you the ability to get right back on that horse in no time. 

Let’s dive deeper into the science behind these products. We know that PDE-5 medications, like Viagra and Cialis, target an enzyme that is responsible for smooth muscle contraction in the blood vessels supplying the penis. When the effect of that enzyme is inhibited, more blood flows to where you need it. But premature ejaculation has nothing to do with how much blood flows to your penis – it has everything to do with the sensitivity you experience while having sex. To put it in simpler terms, PDE-5 medications can help you get there with ease, but not necessarily stay there. 

How about those lads who don’t just want to get there? The ones who want to get there, stay there and maybe even camp out there for a bit? Methods that are typically used are masturbating an hour or two before having sex, as well as, maintaining a healthy, stress free lifestyle. Other than lifestyle modifications, using condoms and lubricant/numbing creams that can be found on, helps decrease the sensitivity you experience so that you can be that vigorous sexual giant we’ve heard all about.

Want to learn more? Read about Viagra, Cialis and other premature ejaculation treatments on our website. 

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Mina Rizk, R.Ph. MPharm

Mina is a licensed pharmacist in Ontario and British Columbia, operating with his Master’s degree in Pharmacy from the UK. He has a wealth of experience in operating and practicing in community pharmacies, making him well-versed in the healthcare space.

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